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Traditional Uyghur cooking is a mix of influences from the old Silk Road trading routes including Turkish, Mongolian, Persian and Chinese. Etles Restaurant reflects the cooking styles of many ethnic groups of the Central Asian cooking styles, and refers particularly to Uyghur cuisine.

Uyghur Cuisine

Traditional Uyghur food is known for its diversity. Various grains, including rice, wheat, maize, and sorghum, can be used in daily food preparation. Wheat, in the form of flour, remains the most popular grain.

The most popular subsidiary foodstuffs in the Uyghur diet are lamb, beef, and chicken. Fruit components of the Uyghur diet include grapes, apples, watermelons, apricots, and figs, all of which are common in Xinjiang. They can be consumed fresh or dried.

Commonly used local vegetables include onions, cabbages, potatoes, and green peppers. The most popular beverages are milk tea with salt and black tea. Homemade yogurt is also very popular.

The main spices used by the Uyghur are black pepper, red pepper, cumin, and chopped onion. Carrots, butter, honey, jam, fruit juice, yogurt, and horse milk are also used to enhance flavor.

Team of Etles Restaurant

Our member of staff has an unrivalled passion to deliver a first class experience to all those who walk through the door of Etles Restaurant. We will ensure that you will receive informed, professional and truly personable service by a team steeped with pride in what they do – and where they do it.

There's a great sense of team spirit amongst the staff. In addition, we all get great personal satisfaction from being part of and making a difference to a customer's dining experience.

Etles Restaurant


  • all fried noodles comes
  • AdditonalRice or Noodle £2
  • May Contain NUTS
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  • Daily, 12 – 9pm, Take Away available