Etles Restaurant

Etles Uyghur Restaurant is recently opened on Hoe Street, close to Walthamstow Central station, this is one of the first Uyghur (or Uighur) restaurants in London.

Fresh and Clean

a very nice and clean restaurant. Everything we had is fresh.


Everything was really good and the staffs are very nice and friendly


Fabulous service from great, approachable staff and such a wide range of produce


its delicious taste and flavors. The quality of the varied selection of dishes are the best of thier kind


It is a special type of handmade noodle, made from flour, water, and salt. The dough is divided into small balls and then stretched by hand


the food is predominantly halal.

Etles Specials

Etles Uyghur Restaurant Specials

Etles Restaurant


  • all fried noodles comes
  • AdditonalRice or Noodle £2
  • May Contain NUTS
  • speak to a member of staff


  • 235 Hoe Street,
  • Walthamstow,London E17 9PP
  • Tel:020 3620 6978
  • Daily, 12 – 9pm, Take Away available